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Law Office Lobby Sign for Kendall Law in Torrance

This is the laser cut acrylic law office lobby sign for Kendall Law. So with this, the Torrance firm has a prominent centerpiece in the reception area they share with Regal Law & Mediation.

Show Clients Who They Can Trust with a Law Office Lobby Sign

A law firm must project its brand identity so that the clients they are representing will know who has their backs. A lobby sign symbolizes the firm and what it stands for and the confidence it has in itself. Seeing an impressive lobby sign tells clients that here is a firm with the capabilities needed to win their cases. So they will likewise gain confidence and be reassured that this firm will get them the results they seek.

In the case of Kendall Law, shared spaces means that two firms must co-exist. There must be balance between their signs. Just like how Kendall and its neighbor have different specializations. So the lobby signs must be sufficiently distinct to allow each brand to stand out. At the same time, one should not overshadow the other. Both firms can have equally impressive signs that ultimately make the office space look better.

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About the Client

Kendall Law is a civil litigation firm specializing in real estate, contractual disputes and business law. They are a woman-owned business based in Torrance serving clients throughout Los Angeles.