Our Favorite Customers: Hardcore Fitness in Northridge

Hardcore Fitness is one of our favorite customers, we did their gym signs. They are still ensuring their community's fitness online!

Hardcore Fitness is one of our favorite customers, we did their gym signs. While their establishment is temporarily closed following local orders, they are still ensuring their community’s fitness. So they are offering private video workouts, either one-on-one with trainers or in virtual small group training. With this, their community can still enjoy great sweat sessions and stay fit. Moreover, their social media pages are showing throwback vids of their members, sharing their current home workouts, and congratulating them for their accomplishments. Great job!

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Honoring Our Favorite Customers: The West Valley YMCA

Premium Sign Solutions' Honoring Our Favorite Customers seal over a an outdoor photoraph featuring pole banners made for West Valley YMCA.

In this installment of Honoring Our Favorite Customers, we express our appreciation for West Valley YMCA and the whole organization in general. In Los Angeles, they have gone above and beyond in giving back to the community in these trying times. As CBS News reports, they’re pitching in to help with food, blood drives and childcare. These are invaluable services that save lives.

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Sign Package for Crunch Fitness Long Beach

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More signage for Crunch Fitness, this time a sign package for their branch in Long Beach. The gym signs include a custom contoured lightbox sign and channel letters. They are for the storefront and parking garage of the establishment. Coupled with the idyllic Long Beach scenery, such as the surrounding palm trees, they make up for quite an attractive locale. It’s the gym to be to get that beach bod!  Continue reading “Sign Package for Crunch Fitness Long Beach”

Rotating Pylon Sign Insert for Crunch Fitness La Mirada

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Premium Sign Solutions recently fabricated and installed this handsome rotating pylon sign insert for Crunch Fitness La Mirada. Installing a 12 foot tall by 30 foot-wide business sign that’s 65 feet up in the air paled in comparison to the real danger on the project – bees!  When we began working on the sign a swarm of unhappy bees let us know they weren’t ready to lose their penthouse suite to a new sign face.

With lots of help from Bee Busters, we safely relocated the bees! It was an odyssey that included multiple visits from the bee experts. But nobody said upping the ante for outdoor signs was easy! Talk about occupational hazards, right?

So the gym sign package we provided included the insert for their rotating pylon sign along with custom channel letters over the storefront. Moreover, the former is a lightbox sign too. All in all, the pylon sign’s considerable height and the fact that it rotates ensures maximum visibility!  Continue reading “Rotating Pylon Sign Insert for Crunch Fitness La Mirada”

Full Color Vinyl Banner for Crunch Albuquerque

Let people know that it’s time to get fit! Get them to enroll with a big and hard-to-miss custom banner! Our full color building banner for Crunch enrollment center in Albuquerque does just that. Passersby and future gym rats can see the outdoor sign from afar. It also shows important info like contact details, services like personal trainers and how awesome the classes are!

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