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Honoring Our Favorite Customers: The West Valley YMCA

In this installment of Honoring Our Favorite Customers, we express our appreciation for West Valley YMCA and the whole organization in general. In Los Angeles, they have gone above and beyond in giving back to the community in these trying times. As CBS News reports, they’re pitching in to help with food, blood drives and childcare. These are invaluable services that save lives.

Showing Appreciation for Our Customers

Premium Sign Solutions' Honoring Our Favorite Customers seal over a an outdoor photoraph featuring pole banners made for West Valley YMCA.Due to the ongoing situation regarding COVID-19, individuals and organizations alike are hard pressed and need of any help they can get. Those who can’t work from home either have little to do if their workplaces are closed, and if their incomes are impacted. Whereas essential workers must brave risks of exposure. All businesses have taken hits. And people in general are experiencing hard times with the lockdown.

Which is why it’s all the more important to give back to the community in ways great and small. Organizations such as the YMCA are doing what they can to ensure people’s needs are met. Likewise, businesses are adapting, ensuring their customers can still avail of their services, while protecting their workforces and ensuring public safety. Moreover, individuals are pitching in however they can, contributing to broader efforts, supporting local businesses and more.

These are hard times, but with such circumstances come opportunities for people to step up, rise to the occasion, and do right by our neighbors. These are like silver linings on dark clouds, inspiring displays that motivate us and lift our spirits.

Charity Work, Relief Operation Signage

In these situations, signage still plays an important part in overall efforts to help the community. Organizations need to spread awareness of their operations, inform people how they are helping, and tell them how they can pitch in. Like our social distancing information signs and delivery information signs. So get the word out with signage.

Require signage for relief efforts and charity work? Contact Premium Sign Solutions.  Southern California Sign Company based in San Fernando Valley.

About the Client

The West Valley YMCA nurtures the potential of kids and promotes healthy lifestyles as well as opportunities to help people.