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Our Favorite Customers: Hardcore Fitness in Northridge

Hardcore Fitness is one of our favorite customers, we did their gym signs. While their establishment is temporarily closed following local orders, they are still ensuring their community’s fitness. So they are offering private video workouts, either one-on-one with trainers or in virtual small group training. With this, their community can still enjoy great sweat sessions and stay fit. Moreover, their social media pages are showing throwback vids of their members, sharing their current home workouts, and congratulating them for their accomplishments. Great job!

Hardcore Fitness is an Inspiration

This is an inspiring example that businesses should follow, if possible. Establishments need to look out for their patrons in these times, using that relationship their brands have with their customers for good. Gyms can inspire their members to stay fit and keep on going, lifting their spirits. Restaurants and cafes can provide delivery services or even share recipes. Brands can have their social media people pages share uplifting news or raise awareness. They can also draw attention or contribute to relief efforts.

Likewise, people should keep in touch with one another, do what they can to keep themselves and each other safe. And also pitch in for the community when able. These kinds of efforts are the real hardcore feats we should aspire for, because this is how we will fight this crisis. Together!

Thinking of setting up new signage for your business when the situation improves? A few “WELCOME BACK!” or “OPEN AGAIN” banners or displays?

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About the Client

Hardcore Fitness is more than a gym. It is a supportive and motivational community that welcomes all with open arms. So everyone can attain fitness and health whether they’re intense athletes or first timers.