Graffiti’s Journey from “Vandalism” to Art in San Fernando Valley

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Graffiti is back in Los Angeles, and in San Fernando Valley artistes like Levi Fonz Ponce are making murals of iconic figures that are meaningful to the community. And to think they used to be seen as eyesores, as the defacement of public property, spray painted by unruly youngsters out to Stick It to The Man. Vandalism, it was called, named after the Vandals, barbarians who invaded Rome and broke all their stuff. But now graffiti’s become accepted in the arts scene, seen as a free expression of the human spirit heedless of property boundaries, now displayed as striking murals in public spaces across big cities like Los Angeles, wall art for upscale establishments, even as office decoration for more laid back workplaces. It’s an intriguing shift, but how did it happen?

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Custom Hand-Painted Logo for Urban Exhale in Los Angeles

Starting to get anxious about Thanksgiving? De-stress at Urban Exhale. While you’re there, check out our custom hand-painted store front logo, painted directly onto the building facade!

Premium Sign Solutions provided Urban Exhale in Los Angeles with said storefront logo, the swirls in between simple bold black letters spelling out the establishment’s name, all on the stark white concrete background of the building facade – making for an impressively contrasting sight that is, at the same time, totally no-frills.

Urban Exhale conducts a variety of yoga classes and workshops, including hot yoga, promoting the art’s health benefits to those seeking to partake in the extraordinary experience.

Storefront Holiday Graphics for MG Skinner and Associates in Los Angeles

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The holidays are coming and MG Skinner & Associates have certainly gotten ready! Premium Sign Solutions provided the firm’s Los Angeles office with a storefront holiday graphics package made of custom hand-painted holiday window art. The graphics package covers more than 20 exterior windows with artwork painted and designed by Premium Sign Solutions.

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Business Signs for Larry Larson Music Store in Glendale

painted sign, lightbox sign, business sign, outdoor sign, storefront sign, illuminated sign

Premium Sign Solutions fabricated and installed two business signs for Larry Larson Music Store in Glendale. The first is a lightbox sign over the establishment’s entrance, in plain view of both passersby and customers. The second is a hand-painted sign located on the side of the building. It is positioned for maximum visibility for pedestrians and  passing motorists alike. Both storefront sign and mural have a classic aesthetic, befitting Larry Larson Music Store’s storied history.

Larry Larson Music Store prides itself as a “full line” music store that has it all, with a wide selection of guitars and other instruments, as well as ethnic instruments, amplifiers and other equipment, books, accessories, parts and anything else related to instruments and making music. Established in 1956, the store and its eponymous founder have become distinguished parts of the local music history. In their site’s own words: “Not only will you see hundreds of instruments when you walk in, you’ll see history. Many people have said that Larry has created a museum here in Glendale. It is an experience to be had by all, young and old.”