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Hand-Painted Business Sign for Omega Cinema Props in Los Angeles

Another hand-painted business sign for Omega Cinema Props. When you’re in show business you have to make a good impression, which is what they are doing with their Los Angeles building.

Nothing Like a Timeless Hand-Painted Business Sign

Painted signs are a classic, they get the job done and have less structural complexity or spatial footprint compared to other types of sign. So brands will get the visibility they need. Moreover, the installment process will be quick and easy. Imagine what it would take for any other type of display of the same size as a large painted covering the face of a building. At the same time, if a business decides to re-brand or relocate, upgrading the sign or replacing it won’t be too hard either. Just slap on a fresh coat of paint! And with a sign-package, you can get multiple signs painted. So your building will be looking on point. While maintaining consistency in terms of branding and the quality of materials used for the signage.

So, do you want your brand to be visible from far and wide? Contact Premium Sign Solutions.  Southern California Sign Company based in Tarzana.

About the Client

Omega Cinema Props is the industry’s largest prop house. They offer residential, institutional and commercial props. These include furniture, accessories and lighting fixtures from all periods and styles.