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Hand-Painted Directional Sign for Omega Cinema in Los Angeles

Our sign package for Omega Cinema Props’ Los Angeles building continues. These are the hand-painted directional sign we installed for them. With this, deliveries will be more orderly, ensuring everything stays convenient and safe for everyone in the premises.

A Hand-Painted Directional Sign Shows People Where To Go

Signs displaying directions not only guide people to where they need to go. These signs also prevent delays that might arise due to a lack of navigational aids. Otherwise, people might get lost and waste a lot of valuable time. Moreover, in the case of shipments and deliveries, without signs items or packages might end up being misplaced or lost. Worse yet, someone hauling a cumbersome load might end up running into general traffic – pedestrian or otherwise. Or a bystander might wander into a loading and unloading area. Accidents might happen without signs showing where things should go. And, of course, emergency signs can indicate where people should go in case of major incidents.

So be sure to display appropriate directional signs. With these you can avoid potential inconveniences, make navigation easier and safer for everyone. Moreover, directional signs that meet ADA-compliance requirements will be a great help for people with various disabilities. And customers will appreciate the effort a business puts in displaying signs that make things more convenient and show concern for everyone.

Be sure to include directional signs in your sign package. Contact Premium Sign Solutions.  Southern California Sign Company based in San Fernando Valley.

About the Client

Omega Cinema Props is the industry’s largest prop house. They offer residential, institutional and commercial props. These include furniture, accessories and lighting fixtures from all periods and styles.