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Backlit Lobby Sign for Abbyson in Calabasas

Part of a larger sign package we’ve been working on to decorate the Abbyson headquarters, the company asked us to install this backlit lobby sign.

Light ‘Em Up With A Backlit Lobby Sign

Lobby signs are crucial for offices and reception areas. And to make them truly stand out, brands can utilize illuminated signs. Such features will make them really hard to miss. Dim the room’s lights and they’ll look even more spectacular! So they will be all the more memorable for customers and visitors. Likewise, such impressive displays will be appreciated by the team. These signs convey not just the brand identity but also the workforce, the company community or family. So for the employees, the sign represents them as well.

That is why it’s important to have signage with impeccable looks, as the quality of its design and its manufacture will also imply the state of the overall organization. So great looking signage will suggest that the team and the brand are on point. And it will make the office space look complete!

Need an illuminated lobby sign? Contact Premium Sign Solutions.  Southern California Sign Company based in Tarzana.

About the Client

Abbyson has been a family-based home furnishing brand for over 30 years, continually redefining itself through modern day living.