Breaking Into a New Market with Signage for Small Businesses and Startups

Trying to make it big in a new market? Then standing out with proper signage will put your small business or startup ahead of the fledgling competition. The right array of indoor and outdoor signs will make your establishment look impressive and memorable, giving it the legitimacy it deserves. Continue reading “Breaking Into a New Market with Signage for Small Businesses and Startups”

Going Guerrilla: Signage for Small Spaces, Startups or Budgets

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If your establishment is short on space, or if you are on a budget, then your business should employ a suitable signage strategy to promote the brand and reach customers. For a lean operation, massive monument signs or blazing pylon signs might not fit – literally! Guerrilla tactics, if you will, might work better for startup signage. So here’s a rundown of sign types that will serve small businesses well: Continue reading “Going Guerrilla: Signage for Small Spaces, Startups or Budgets”

Cosmo Lofts Building Mural in Hollywood

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Cosmo Lofts just got an impressive new building mural for Pacific Reach Properties in Hollywood. It’s a large one, 10 feet tall and 18 feet in length. Hand painted too, because handmade is still best made. So it’s big and bold, guaranteed to be seen from quite a distance. That’s the point of a building mural, after all. At the same time, like a good outdoor sign it doesn’t clash with the building’s look. Continue reading “Cosmo Lofts Building Mural in Hollywood”