Wooden Signs

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Handmade is Still Best Made in San Fernando Valley

You know those address letters you see on large buildings? Some of those are handmade! In this age of automated, instantly-made everything, there are still some things that are carefully and meticulously made by hand, with attention to detail and priority on quality instead of mass-production. Storefront signs, company logos in lobbies, even those illuminated pylon signs high up on posts, they’re still made by hand in the U S of A.  (more…)

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Best Color Combos for Sign Visibility in Los Angeles

We’ve already talked about the basics of how signs send a message. Do you know that this also applies to the color combinations you use for your signs? Yes, the types of colors you choose will affect your business’ visibility, which is crucial in highly competitive areas like Los Angeles or San Fernando Valley. This applies to everything from your outdoor signs to your indoor signs, and of course the aesthetics of the rest of your establishments. It’ll help to get a better idea of how color combinations can help your business stand out!


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Spruce Your Place Up With Signs!

Trapped in a monotonous maze of cubicles? Tired of trudging through grey corridors? Bare walls like a lunar landscape starting to close in on you? You can fix this by sprucing up your place with signs! Whether it’s at work or not, with clever decoration you can personalize your special space and turn it into a stimulating place.


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Custom Wooden Signs for Malibu Burger Co.

Premium Sign Solutions fabricated two outdoor signs for Malibu Burger Co. The two custom handcrafted wooden signs were made to reflect the vintage signs of the area, conveying Malibu Burger’s classic style. Design plays a vital role in shaping people’s experience and these restaurant signs add to the family-friendly eatery’s ambiance even before customers set foot inside the establishment. That comfortable and homey feel patrons enjoy as they munch on their tasty meals? That’s part of the Malibu Burger experience!

Malibu Burger Co. was founded by Cisco Adler in 2015, a local entrepreneur who calls Malibu his home since birth. The restaurant serves healthy gourmet burgers and other casual fare in an idyllic creek-front setting at Malibu’s Civic Center. This eatery is the realization of Adler’s dream of giving people a place that serves delicious food, one that they also feel comfortable visiting regularly throughout the week.


Wooden Business Signs for Malibu Burger Co. in Malibu

Premium Sign Solutions fabricated and installed two wood, hand-routed and painted restaurant signs for Malibu Burger Co. in Malibu. In order to create the hand carved wooden sign we used birch wood and routed out the background leaving the Malibu Burger logo dimensional. We installed the storefront sign on top of the restaurant entrance and in the parking lot Malibu Burger Co. is given a clean modern look.

Malibu Burger Co. is just off the Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu Village and is dedicated to serving a selection of healthier gourmet burgers; while only being minutes away from the beach. It’s owner, Cisco Adler, has always wanted a quality restaurant that felt like home in his hometown, so he opened one up along with his long time friend and celebrated chef Aaron May.