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On the Importance of Goofing Off

We at Premium Sign Solutions pride ourselves not only in our hard work, but also in our creativity. But how do you cultivate creativity? It’s not just about logging in “creativity” hours – that’s just asking for burnout. Creativity isn’t just about repetition. Yes, it’s part of the package since the brain needs exercise to get used to thinking creatively… but even an athlete trying to reach peak performance needs downtime away from the gym for his or her muscles to rebuild. For building creativity, that means taking some time away to goof off! (more…)

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Make It Memorable, Make It Interactive!

Want your sign to have an impact? Make it prime selfie material! Give your customers a memorable experience by providing cut outs they can interact with, creating on the spot photo opportunities. Everyone has a fun time and your establishment gets some free publicity.


photobooth, tradeshow booth, event booth, interactive signs, Taste of Encino Festival, Los Angeles

Our Photobooth for the Taste of Encino Festival in Los Angeles

Premium Sign Solutions was present and accounted for at the Taste of Encino Festival in Los Angeles, demonstrating how interactive signs make great event booths! We had a photobooth composed of half-inch thick posterboard with a full color digital print, displaying a cheeky reference to our favorite hit science-fiction and suspense series!

The Taste of Encino Festival occurs every October and is filled with business booths, vendors, family-friendly activities for everyone, as well as a whole lot of food, beer, wine and live entertainment!

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Spruce Your Place Up With Signs!

Trapped in a monotonous maze of cubicles? Tired of trudging through grey corridors? Bare walls like a lunar landscape starting to close in on you? You can fix this by sprucing up your place with signs! Whether it’s at work or not, with clever decoration you can personalize your special space and turn it into a stimulating place.


custom tradeshow booth
custom tradeshow booth

Custom Trade Show Booth for Melt Cosmetics in Los Angeles

Premium Sign Solutions fabricated a custom trade show booth for Melt Cosmetics.  We wrapped six counters with custom-designed graphics, and built a 3-dimensional trade show booth containing a break room. The lips were detachable so people at the trade show could take photos holding them. The distinct, striking appearance of the custom trade show booth, with its detachable and interact-able components, makes it all the more memorable and matches Melt’s slogan: Ultra-Matte. Bold. Radioactive. 

Melt Cosmetics is based in Los Angeles. It specializes in a variety of beauty products, especially ultra-matte lipsticks. With Melt Cosmetics, the founders’ translated their passion for makeup and beauty into something far more, a glamorous pursuit and a way to give back to their supporters, with products that ultimately help people feel confident and comfortable with themselves.


Trade Show Booth for Melt Cosmetics in Los Angeles

You can have the greatest product in the world, but if you don’t represent your brand with passion, customers won’t connect with you. The Ladies at Melt Cosmetics have a clear and passionate direction for their brand and wanted to create a stunning trade show booth for the PHAMExpo in Pasadena to reflect that. To help create a larger-than-life atmosphere for their 20 foot long booth, we wrapped three large counters and created four backdrops, all 5 feet wide by 10 feet tall.

Our team wrapped their booths in 3M vinyl with a premium over-laminate to protect them. The final result was beautiful!

Melt was the main attraction at the expo with their glamorous backdrops and photo booth!

Melt Cosmetics is an LA based cosmetic company that emphasizes bold colors and unashamed glamour. Their products are PETA friendly and available on their website.