Going Guerrilla: Signage for Small Spaces, Startups or Budgets

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If your establishment is short on space, or if you are on a budget, then your business should employ a suitable signage strategy to promote the brand and reach customers. For a lean operation, massive monument signs or blazing pylon signs might not fit – literally! Guerrilla tactics, if you will, might work better for startup signage. So here’s a rundown of sign types that will serve small businesses well: Continue reading “Going Guerrilla: Signage for Small Spaces, Startups or Budgets”

Dimensional Foam Board for The Boo Crew Podcast

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No, Halloween hasn’t been moved to July, the world of horror operates year ’round. Here is our dimensional foam board for The Boo Crew Podcast. They’re going to use it as a backdrop for their booths in conventions. Another innovative use of signage could be as a background for their podcasts. After all, a horror-themed brand needs shocking signage! Continue reading “Dimensional Foam Board for The Boo Crew Podcast”

Lifesize Cardboard Cutout for Temple Judea in Tarzana

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We thought we had a new employee but turns out it was a cardboard cutout for our friends in Temple Judea. The Tarzana synagogue was throwing a party and needed a life size cardboard cutout, which we provided. It’s made of print vinyl applied to the board and is lightweight, durable and high quality. So high quality that you’ll think it’s actually a real person!  Continue reading “Lifesize Cardboard Cutout for Temple Judea in Tarzana”

Dune Buggy Picture on Acrylic Panel for a Birthday Gift

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We do birthday gifts too, like this dune buggy picture on an acrylic panel! It’s not one of our usual sign packages, more like one of those signs we create for clients’ private projects. Still, we treated it like any other project, giving it our tender, loving care. It’s quite similar to the office decor that we do, and the signage we make to decorate showrooms and lobbies. So we touched up a dune buggy photograph and printed it to a second surface, mounted on an acrylic panel. It comes with standoffs so it can be fixed on a wall, like the centerpiece it is. We did our very best to make this the best birthday gift ever.  Continue reading “Dune Buggy Picture on Acrylic Panel for a Birthday Gift”

Vinyl window gym sign for WO·LA

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An establishment where groups train hard to stay fit and look great needs a good-looking gym sign too! That’s what we fabricated and installed for WO·LA. The custom cut vinyl window graphics are sleek and simple, matching the group fitness establishment’s aesthetics. Business signs have to be consistent with the business’ style, after all. Yet with that simplicity comes visibility!

Sign-making is all about striking that balance between simplicity and detail, with visibility as the ultimate goal. Does your establishment need a finely-crafted business sign? Well, you already know which signage company to call.

About the client

  WO·LA re-imagines group fitness for youths and adults. The founders made WO·LA so people young and old alike could experience safe, fun and motivating group fitness classes. Age won’t matter when everyone’s in that workout journey together, By becoming one with body and mind, and each other, more possibilities in their lives are opened!


Faux Street Signs for The Village at Sherman Oaks

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What’s a good way to attract the attention of passersby and potential customers? Faux signs made to look like something else! For The Village at Sherman Oaks, we made faux aluminum street signs on wayfinding posts that actually advertised their establishment. The signs themselves are 74 full color digital print applied to the aluminum surface of the outdoor signs to make them look authentic. If your business has a large parking lot or a sprawling campus and you’d like unique ways to to use signage to help designate areas or paths of travel, let us help you!

Continue reading “Faux Street Signs for The Village at Sherman Oaks”