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Building Banners for LA Financial

These are the building banners we made and installed for LA Financial to announce that they are now open. They are part of a sign package that includes a banner, window graphics, lobby sign and exterior channel letter sign.

Welcome Customers Back with Building Banners

Building Banners for LA FinancialAs California continues to reopen and cases fall, businesses have to draw in customers. And signage can help them do this by increasing visibility, raising awareness and drawing in more people. Welcome banners like the ones used LA Financial will help with this. Moreover, as a building sign, their displays are particularly prominent. Mounting eye-catching storefront signs is exactly what businesses should do. Likewise, to ensure public safety with increased traffic, mask wearing signs are also important to have.

A comprehensive sign package can augment these welcome back signs. Wow customers by putting more new signs throughout your establishment, outdoor signs and indoor signs alike. Give it a new and fresh overall look so that when they come in, they will see that things have changed since 2020 or the last time they have visited. The new appearance will add to the excitement of once again frequenting one’s favorite establishments. So the experience will be more memorable thanks to these signs, and since customers will remember they will also be more likely to return.

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About the Client

LA Financial Credit Union began in the 1930s after the Great Depression with the principle of people helping people. Since then the organization has grown while staying true to its roots.