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Business Sign Package for Rosie

Rosie’s BBQ, an institution in Northridge, moved to a larger location this month.  To help deepen Rosie’s iconic standing within the community, we created a complete sign package that pays homage to the restaurant’s roots.

Our ability to produce stunning custom banners on our HP Latex 360 printer allowed us to give Rosie’s a proper sendoff to start the package. We then printed a matching banner at their new location to announce their upcoming opening.

Next, we fabricated bright red channel letters to match their previous outdoor sign and installed 2 pole sign faces with their logo.

Finally the piece that brought it all together: a custom sign crafted to look like a chuck wagon.  Historically, chuck wagons brought food to cowboys and settlers, so we fabricated one for Rosie’s that could symbolically serve the community.

Using 30 year old vintage barn wood, we custom routed the shape of the wagon.  After delicately painting portions of the wood to resemble a canvas, we attached the Rosie’s BBQ logo, carved from wood and hand painted to add to the classic look.  Finally, we attached wagon wheels, made from chandeliers we repurposed from Rosie’s old location. The sign is affixed above Rosie’s main entrance and is approximately six feet wide by three feet tall.

All of this came as one of our many business sign packages that we offer.