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Our Favorite Terms When Searching for Signs

Ever wanted a sign, or searched for one on Google, but you just didn’t know the right words for it? Let’s put an end to those hard times. Here we’ll share the terms professionals use for their products. So next time you’re searching for signs, you’ll know just what to ask for.

The Right Terms

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Lobby Signs: These are reception signs, displayed in the lobbies of offices and other workplaces.

Business Signs: As the name says, this means signage that’s displayed by business establishments. So it’s more of a catch-all term describing what the sign is for.

School Signs: Like the above, but for schools, colleges, universities and other places of learning.

Indoor Signs: For signage that’s installed inside establishments, like lobby signs or wall art. These can be centerpieces for lobbies and offices, or decorative to make a place look more engaging.

Outdoor Signs: These are made to be displayed outside where they’ll be seen far and wide by many people. So they’re also extra tough to withstand weather and look good.

Light Box Signs/Pylon Signs: Illuminated signage with acrylic or polycarbonate inserts placed in front of a light source, giving the “face” a bright and radiant glow. Pylon signs are light boxes mounted on top of posts, giving them a vantage point.

Monument Signs: Solid fixtures usually installed by driveways or entrances. So these are made out of solid, highly durable materials.

Building Signs: These are mounted on the side of buildings, decorating the structure and giving the signage a great vantage point.

Banners: Made out of heavy duty vinyl, these can be fabricated and installed quickly and in almost any location! So they’re perfect for advertising and for events.

Trade Show Displays: Need a booth that displays your brand during a trade show, convention, expo or festival? This is what you need.

Wall Graphics/Window Graphics: Want a bare surface turned into an awesome looking sign? Window graphics, with vinyl or other sign materials, can do just that for glass surfaces. Wall graphics are the same whereas wall art, can be either hand-painted or installed.

Happy Searching

With these terms, you can have an easy time looking up the specific type of sign you want. Or you can make it even easier, just contact our Tarzana-based sign company for inquiries.