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Are Your Egg Hunt Signs Ready?

Businesses are sure to take advantage of the Easter and Passover holidays with events like Easter Egg Hunts as well as sales and promos. Places of worship will also certainly mark the solemn time with gatherings. And the best way to promote these, and decorate the establishment or venue, is with signage. So are your signs ready for the occasion? 

Preparing Your Event Signs 

Promoting events for Passover and Easter requires signage that’s quick and easy to set up. These signs must also be visible, of course. With festivities that span just one day, the displays must also be easy to replace. Whereas such might not be the case with signs for season-long sales and promos.

So consider the following types of signage and choose which among them are best for your purposes:


These are perfect for getting the word out and for decorating the venue. They can be set up really easily, removed just as quick and can even be reused next year! 


For fun-filled family photo ops, you can’t beat cutouts. Just imagine the little kids having a picture taken with the Easter Bunny. 

Trade show displays

Booths and displays will work just as well for festivals as they do for trade shows. Having an Egg Hunt outdoors? Then put up a booth or two so the kids and their parents can have some refreshments to go with the chocolate!

Wall and window graphics

Season-long sales and promos may require signs that’ll last a while. So consider putting on promotional graphics on your walls and windows. 

Lightbox inserts

Put that light box or pylon sign to good use with custom inserts that promote your holiday specials! 

So need signage for your Passover and Easter events? Contact our Tarzana-based sign company for inquiries.

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