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We’re making an impression at Connexity with channel letter signs.

Channel Letter Lobby Signs in Santa Monica

Do you remember this metal lobby sign we made for Connexity a few years ago? We’re giving Connexity a makeover, and this time we’re creating channel letter lobby signs. It continues to make an impression inside their office in Santa Monica.

Let’s see what channel letters work for lobby signs in your workplace.


Channel letter lobby signs to brand your workplace. 

Many business owners want 3D channel letters for office lobby signs these days. They are captivating and nearly impossible to ignore, whether it is day or night. This is just one kind of decorative letter that can be incorporated into any project or piece of architecture. 

3D letters are also useful for interior decoration. Backlit channel letters are even more stunning. They can surely grab the attention of your customers when they come into your store. It’s a great way to brand your office space.

We’ve made a number of company signs for Connexity. The old metal lobby sign has already made a good impression in their workplace. With illuminated channel letter signs, the company sign becomes even more prominent. It gives customers a remarkable experience.


Update your workplace with illuminated channel letter signs.

Does your office space look dull? Add some finesse with illuminated channel letter signs!

You’ll show customers that your brand means business with such memorable and distinct signage. These high-quality displays will persuade them that your goods and services are better than your competitors,

If your workplace hasn’t been updated in years, it might be time to replace it with new technologies and designs. Outdated signage should be replaced immediately.

For more information about channel letter signs, contact us at (818) 578-6234 for a sign consultation.


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