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Custom Lightbox Insert for Crunch Santa Clarita

Here we have another fantastic job for Crunch Fitness. This time it’s a custom lightbox insert for their Santa Clarita branch. An establishment where people work out to reach their potentials and look great should have signage of matching quality!

Look different, stand out with custom signage

Signage shouldn’t look generic. Customized signage is one way for a business or establishment to rise above the rest, particularly those who settle for half-measures when it comes to display.

Crunch Fitness’ success is in part due to its distinct look and its visible, eye-catching signs of consistent quality. That’s how you elevate a brand. The custom-shaped light box insert we made for them is another example of their commitment in selecting the premium choice!

Accept no substitutes for quality. Contact our San Fernando-based sign company for inquiries.

About the Client

Crunch Fitness was founded in New York City’s East Village in 1989. Crunch is not just a business, but a diverse community that nurtures wellness, providing people with a welcoming atmosphere that inspires them to reach their health goals.