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Custom Neon Sign for San Fernando Valley Brain Surgeon and Migraine Specialist

We created this neon brain with a lightning bolt through it for a brain surgeon. This is a custom neon sign to help explain symptoms of migraine headaches… and it looks pretty cool too! It’s certainly a memorable neon sign.

Cool Custom Signs That Will Be Remembered

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In the case of the one we made for the brain surgeon, not only does it look great, it also gives useful information about symptoms. Patients will surely appreciate that! So it’s definitely a must have for any doctor’s clinic, office or health facility in general. Moreover, when it comes to clinic signs, some humor is more than welcome because the subject matter can get quite serious. So lighten up the mood!

The same applies to any other business as well in terms of creative and imaginative branding. This example goes to show that custom signs with a unique look aren’t just decorative. When done right they can have practical purposes. In fact, their eye-catching appearance makes them all the more effective as they’ll definitely get people’s attention and get the message across.

Remember, just because a sign is meant to be practical or useful doesn’t mean it has to have a bland or boring appearance. And the best form of branding is that which incorporates practicality and functionality. Remember, humans are visual beings. Also, people will appreciate displays of creativity as they can convey a brand’s humorous (and intelligent) side.

So have fun with your signage. Contact Premium Sign Solutions.  Southern California Sign Company based in San Fernando Valley.