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Custom Sign Awning for Rockaway Records in Glendale

We created this large custom sign awning for Rockaway Records and Mikey’s Hook Up in Glendale. The awning has the dual purpose of both serving as a storefront sign while also offering protection from the sun.

Pretty and Practical with a Custom Sign Awning

This is a classic type of storefront signage, whether it’s for shops, boutiques, cafes or restaurants. They also provide welcome shade, so customers will definitely appreciate this. Especially if they’re lounging outdoors enjoying a meal or a cup of coffee. So it’s a definite win-win with a sign awning, you’re getting something pretty that also has practical uses.

If you’re going for an old school aesthetic for your store, cafe or restaurant, a sign awning will help complete the look. It will also go well with any outdoor or open air seats you’re planning to set up.  So not only will your brand be more visible, people will be thankful for the sign protecting them from rain or shine!

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About the Client

Rockaway Records grew from the passion of record collecting enthusiasts Wayne and Gary Johnson, whose journey started in 1979. Today it is one of the few remaining independent record stores and chains still operating in LA, having been in the biz for more than 35 years.