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Directory Suite Sign for First to Serve in Los Angeles

In addition to the lobby signs we made for First to Serve, this directory suite sign on the outside of the door helps people passing through the building’s hallway know where they are. Office signs can be both for branding purposes as well as functional ones. And the Los Angeles ministry makes good use of them!

Show the Way with a Directory Suite Sign for Your Office

Make navigation so much easier for visitors, clients, as well as your own staff with directory signage. Large compounds, offices and commercial spaces could use such wayfinding signs for added convenience. When deployed properly, they can be really useful and can add much needed decoration to spaces and surfaces that would be otherwise be pretty bare.

Moreover, if these signs display the organization’s brand, they will also promote it while serving practical uses. So it’s a win-win!

Likewise, some directory signs can come with features compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act.  Ask us about our ADA signage.

Get the complete office sign package that will meet both your aesthetic and utilitarian requirements!

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About the Client

First To Serve, Inc. provides supportive housing facilities across Los Angeles.