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Our Favorite Customers: Blue Shield of California

We have done a lot of good work for Blue Shield, also known as Blue California. Namely signage for their locations like Huntington Park, Palmdale and Monterey Park. And we are proud of it because they in turn provide crucial and invaluable services to the public. In light of stay-at-home orders, they have pivoted to telemedicine to reduce the risk of contagion for providers and members alike. Here are details of how their innovative house call services are adapting to current circumstances.

A Blue Shield For Our Health

Blue California is at the forefront of the effort to flatten the curve. Their providers are frontliners. So we salute them and all they are doing. We can also take a cue with how they are adapting to conditions and providing their vital services in ways that still reduce risks and ensure the safety of their patients and their staff.

These include rolling out an app so patients can receive the basics of regular office visits from the comfort and safety on their own homes. Likewise, doctors can order lab tests, write prescriptions and refer members to specialists. Yet while house calls have been scaled back, Blue members can still get the care they need and home visits can still be done if need be.

We are definitely glad to hear that!

The Waiting Game
While some businesses are adapting to provide their essential services as safely as possible, others are waiting for the situation to improve because some things can’t be done over apps. Like installing building signage and business signs in general.

But we have good news! For businesses planning to have signs made and installed when things get better, we are offering Free Virtual Estimates. You can plan those “NOW OPEN” and “WELCOME BACK, HOORAY!” signs ahead of time.

Contact Premium Sign Solutions.  Southern California Sign Company based in San Fernando Valley.

About the Client

Blue Shield California offers access to a wide variety of doctors, specialists and hospitals to help clients find care wherever they are. Their PPO, HMO, dental and vision networks are among the state’s largest.