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Honoring our Favorite Customers: Pearl Dragon in Pacific Palisades

The Pearl Dragon is one of our favorite customers. They are the culinary geniuses behind some of our most beloved cuisines like mouthwatering sushi and refreshing cocktails. So it is a great relief to know that the Pacific Palisades restaurant is still open 7 nights a week for take out, delivery or curbside pickup. So despite these uncertain and unprecedented times, Palisadians and Angelinos can still have the freshest and best food available to them. Moreover, they still offer adult beverages for pickups and delivery with proper ID.

Little Comforts Go A Long Way

Establishments like the Pearl Dragon are crucial for keeping our appetites sated and our minds sane during this trying time. Just because we are in quarantine, sheltering in place, doesn’t mean we can’t have great food. At the same time, it is critical that these businesses follow procedures to ensure the safety of their staff as well as their customers.

Pearl Dragon has stated that this is their highest priority. In their own words they have “always practiced extra levels of sanitation and cleanliness with our food and staff – beyond what the health department requires and will continue to do so.

Local businesses are maintaining a delicate balancing act, ensuring that they stay afloat while doing right by their workforces and their communities. People still need products and services, while of course health and safety are of paramount concern. So this is why it is vital for communities to come together, individuals have to do their part and have each others’ backs. With these acts of mutual aid we are ensuring that we will all get through this. And get back on our feet afterwards.

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About the Client

Pearl Dragon Asian kitchen has been in the business for ten years. It specializes in sushi and cocktails. Moreover they are committed to providing the freshest, highest quality dishes made from the healthiest and most socially responsible ingredients.