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Fight COVID-19 with Handwashing Signs

One way businesses and establishments in general can promote health, reduce risk and fight COVID-19? Handwashing signs reminding people of what they have to do to minimize viral transmission. And just promote general cleanliness. While it seems obvious, helpful reminders are always welcomed and it won’t harm anyone to illustrate how to meticulously and thoroughly clean your hands.

Show Each Step with Handwashing Signs

Signs, custom banners and posters can remind people to wash their hands regularly. And to do it properly.

It’s not just about dabbing some soap and rinsing your hands a bit. Proper handwashing, one that removes the dirt and germs, entails really lathering up to get rid of the oil and gunk that stick to the hands. And then rubbing and scrubbing with enough friction for at least 20 seconds. So combined with the flowing water, the mechanical forces will help get rid of the germs. This is something handwashing has over hand sanitizers and alcohol.

For more information on handwashing, check the CDC’s guidelines on the matter.

These helpful reminders can potentially save lives. And they help keep communities safe. So be sure to display them. Establishments can have these as indoor signs and outdoor signs alike, as easy to make and set up custom banners and posters.

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For further information, the California Department of Public Health has the latest COVID-19 facts.