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Labor Day Signs to Commemorate the Holiday

It’s just a few weeks until Labor Day. If you’re planning a sale or event based around the holiday, make sure to order your banners, posters and other signage today! With Labor Day signs you can celebrate the holiday, which recognizes the efforts of laborers and workers – who’ve definitely been through a lot this year!

Recognizing Workers with Labor Day Signs 

Need event signs or holiday signs? We can make them for you promptly to give your establishment a festive look. For these types of occasions, the following types of signage are ideal:

Custom Banners

Quick to fabricate and display, custom banners can be positioned almost anywhere. They are well suited to advertising promos, events and holidays. The same goes for pop-up banners. Whether you are decorating an indoor space or hanging them outdoors, this type of sign is up for the task and can make any space ready for an event!


The smaller cousin of the banner, posters are similar but even easier to mass manufacture and distribute. You can place them almost anywhere to raise awareness on a sale, promo or event.

Light Box and Pylon Sign Inserts

The advantage of lightbox and pylon signs is that they are illuminated signs and thus highly visible. Their inserts can also be easily replaced with another one, or with rearranged lettering, that can deliver unique messages or greetings.

Window Graphics

Another signage type that does not take long to apply. Window graphics are frequently used as storefront signs, so they are very visible. A new window sign for a particular occasion will mean many people can see your message or event promotion.

These are types of signs that are perfect for observing holidays and other occasions. Feel free to reach out to your neighborhood sign company in Los Angeles for inquiries. Contact Premium Sign Solutions. Southern California Sign Company based in San Fernando Valley.