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LED Sign Retrofit for Micro Center in Tustin

This is the LED sign retrofit we did for Micro Center’s Tustin location. A computer store should have an eye-catching and modern-looking signage to attract customers and convey the high-tech nature of their products and services. This retrofit was quite comprehensive, including multiple areas of their building such as their storefront as well as their loading area.

Upgrade Your Visibility with an LED Sign Retrofit

This is the LED sign retrofit we did for Micro Center's Tustin location. A computer store needs eye-catching and modern-looking signage to attract customers.

Go big and bright with illuminated signage that uses modern LED lighting technology that’s energy efficient and more radiant than older forms of illumination. Brighter signs will make businesses easier to locate for customers.

With our LED illuminated sign retrofit, older signs will get a new glow and will be visible over great distances day in and day out. At the same time, they will be easier on the energy bill compared to other types of illuminated signage with similar levels of brightness.

LED lights are ideal for building signs and storefront signs, particularly when they have a good vantage point. This type of lighting is also more durable and less prone to overheating than older technologies. Resiliency matters especially for exterior signs that have to withstand weather, wear and tear, and other factors.

Our LED retrofit can include multiple signs, just like with Micro Center’s Tustin location. Sign consistency is important, they should have uniform appearance – even in their lighting quality and brightness – to show that the brand and its products or services are consistent and reliable. On the other hand, inconsistent signage can appear “off,” suggesting that the brand does not care about its appearance.

So be sure to modernize your illuminated outdoor signs with LED lighting technology! Reach out to your trusted sign company in Los Angeles sign company for a free sign quote. Contact Premium Sign Solutions. Southern California Sign Company based in San Fernando Valley.

About the Client

Micro Center began in 1993 and brought a new era of technology retailing to Orange County and Los Angeles. Their knowledgeable associates, high level of service and guaranteed in-stock selection means they are unmatched in the Tustin community for their selection of computers, Apple products, software, accessories and computer parts.