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Lightbox Sign Insert for French Florist in Los Angeles

For this lightbox sign insert for French Florist we recreated the company’s beautiful logo and color matched the pink bouquet to achieve maximum sign and branding effect. So now the Los Angeles flower delivery service’s branding is really on point!

Show Off Your Brand with a Lightbox Sign

This type of signage is excellent for promoting your business outdoors. Light box signs are brilliant and visible, so your brand will be seen 24/7. Not only that, you can conveniently change the inserts which comes in handy for announcements or seasonal aesthetics. With this, you’ll definitely put eyes on your establishment. Moreover, with quality signage your establishment will stand out from the competition!

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About the Client

French Florist is a flower delivery service in Los Angeles, offering same-day delivery of their artistic and expressive flower arrangements. Moreover, it’s the choice of the entertainment industry and stars since 1978.