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Lobby Retail Sign for Fleet Feet in Encino

The continuing reopening is a perfect opportunity to bask in the glory of new signage. Like this lobby sign we made last year for Fleet Feet. With this retail sign we made and installed last year, the fantastic retailer’s Encino establishment looks even more dashing.

Retail Signs Improve Customer Experience

Lobby signs aren’t just for law firms and offices. They can be for retail establishments, stores, boutiques and the like. With such eye-catching indoor signs situated prominently behind the cashier counter or by the aisles and over the products, they will project the brand’s identity. So the branding will be cemented in customers’ minds as they go about browsing a store’s selections and making their purchases. The logo’s presence throughout the customer experience will help the brand imprint itself in the public’s mind. So the brand and thus the store in question will become more memorable, potentially giving it an edge over the competition and promoting more  return customers.

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About the Client

Fleet Feet is more than a running shoe store. They provide specialized fitting and training programs.