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Night View of Casa de Flores Illuminated Sign in Encino

Our favorite project to blog about as of late. Here’s a night time view of our job at Casa de Flores in Encino. You can see the effect an illuminated sign makes in boosting brand visibility!


The Difference of Illumination

Once the sun goes down, it’s time for light box signs to shine – figuratively and literally. Night is when they really make an impact. They can be seen from afar and can draw customers in like moths to a flame. And this is where quality design and construction matters most, since a well-built pylon sign can last for a long time whereas shoddy ones end up flickering and looking dodgy. A malfunctioning sign will have the opposite effect, making a place look seedy and even warding people off. You don’t want that for your signage.

Don’t settle for less when it comes to your illuminated sign. Accept no substitutes!  Contact our San Fernando-based sign company for inquiries.

About the Client

Casa de Flores, the house of flowers, is an Encino florist that provides breathtaking bouqets for special occasions.