You are currently viewing Outdoor channel letter signs light up Super Kiddos in Woodland Hills
Our outdoor channel letter signs are looking amazing at Super Kiddos in Woodland Hills.

Outdoor channel letter signs light up Super Kiddos in Woodland Hills

Outdoor channel letter signs are a popular choice for many businesses. 

Those channel letters are looking amazing on the outdoor sign of this children’s dental clinic. The LED signage lights up to get your shop noticed even at night.

Premium Sign Solutions created and installed eye-catching channel letter custom business signs for Super Kiddos in Woodland Hills.

You can watch this video about how we made Super Kiddos’ outdoor and indoor signs, or keep reading to learn more about channel letters.


Make your business stand out with outdoor channel letter signs.

Many businesses use outdoor channel letter signs at their storefronts to attract more customers. These signs are eye-catching, often brightly colored, and illuminated at night. They serve as an advertisement, showcasing the business’s logo and contact information.

Channel letter signs can help businesses in a variety of ways. They act as a beacon for potential customers, assisting them in quickly locating and identifying a business. You can cut these 3D channel letters into any shape to match your brand.

They are also highly visible, often being placed at a higher level than other types of signage so they can be seen more easily by people passing by. Furthermore, channel letter signs are often lit up with bright, vivid colors, which further help people spot the business from a distance.

The three-dimensional design makes them stand out from other types of signs and can be used to make your business look more professional and polished. They are often lit up with LED lights for energy-efficient and cost-effective company signs.

Channel letter signs are a great choice for any business because of the many benefits they offer. Get in touch with your trusted signage company for your custom business signage needs. Since its colorful channel letters were installed, the Super Kiddos storefront has stood out in the neighborhood.


About Super Kiddos

Super Kiddos is a cutting-edge pediatric and orthodontic dental practice where our friendly staff strives to make each visit a pleasant experience. They specialized in dental treatment for children of all ages, from infants to teenagers. Their staff is made up of highly trained professionals who understand your child’s dental needs.