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Parade Banner for Midwin, Vogel & Nathanson

A parade is a great time to fly the colors! Or show off your branding. In this case, it was a parade banner for Midwin, Vogel & Nathanson, with a real patriotic stars and stripes motif. The Certified Public Accountants certainly joined in on the Fourth of July fun at Pacific Palisades!

Advertise Anywhere with Banners!

They might seem like simple signage, but banners are incredibly effective signage.

  • Have an outdoor event, like sports, fairs or festivals? Banners.
  • Indoor occasions like parties, expos or exhibits? Banners.
  • Need to move around in a hurry, like in parades? Banners.

They’re light and easy to fold, so they can be brought virtually anywhere and set up really quick. They can be optimally positioned. Locations that grant maximum visibility to a large crowd? Spots where people can take close ups and selfies? Banners work for these equally well and can be used in all sorts of creative and effective ways.

Need a banner? Contact us and we’ll get right on it!

About the Client

Midwin, Vogel & Nathanson is a firm dedicated to the three underlying principles of professionalism, responsiveness and quality.