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Parking Lot Backlit Sign for LAPFCU in Van Nuys

More from our sign package for LAPFCU, this is a backlit sign for their Van Nuys office’s parking lot. This outdoor sign is similar to the illuminated channel letters lobby sign we made for them – now that’s branding consistency!

Backlit Sign Package for Indoor and Outdoor Use

As our signs for LAPFCU show, these illuminated channel letters can be used as interior signs and exterior signs equally well. As outdoor signs for parking lots, these backlit channel letters can convey the appearance of the office and make the entrance appear attractive. Normally, indoor parking areas are quite utilitarian and bare bones, so the presence of branding and style will be a welcome sight. Additionally, the consistency of signage will make the branding much more recognizable. This is handy for businesses operating multiple branches. You want customers or clients to know the company just by its looks and style, even if they are visiting different locations.

Office signs don’t just start inside the building, they can start outside at the parking lot. Exterior signs and interior signs can work together to build anticipation. Reach out for a free sign quote from your trusted sign maker in Los Angeles. Contact Premium Sign Solutions. Southern California Sign Company based in San Fernando Valley.

About the Client

LAPFCU or the Los Angeles Police Federal Credit Union has served LA County law enforcement employees and their families since 1936.