You are currently viewing Post and Panel Real Estate Sign for Jacobson’s Park Vanowen Apartments in North Hollywood

Post and Panel Real Estate Sign for Jacobson’s Park Vanowen Apartments in North Hollywood

For our old friends, a post and panel real estate sign for their North Hollywood property. With this, Jacobson’s Park Vanowen Apartments will be more visible and display information regarding unit availability.

Advertise Property with a Post and Panel Real Estate Sign

Apartment operators, condominium owners and real estate management firms in general can make good use with post and panel signage. With these outdoor signs they can advertise their properties. They will pique customer interest. Likewise, they can display relevant information regarding the units being offered. And with Jacobson’s sign, some parts can be swapped, so information can easily be updated.

Moreover, in their case, these signs are part of a greater sign package. After all, one property management firm with multiple properties should have consistency when it comes to the branding of its signage. Potential customers must see that these different properties are under one brand.  Plus aside from consistent quality of appearance, consistent quality in manufacturing must also be factored in. Signage must be resilient, especially for property managers. Otherwise, deteriorating signs will suggest negative things about the brand as well as the property they are advertising.

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About the Client

The Jacobson Company is a private real estate investment company based in Los Angeles. It has a 50 year history of successfully acquiring and operating multi-family and student housing, as well as commercial properties.