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Slice of Life: Team Meeting

Here we are having a team meeting, touching base and sorting things out early in the workday before we split up and get started with our tasks. It’s part of our workplace routine and is a crucial part of getting organized.┬áImagine a restaurant, this would be like the chefs meeting and discussing what everyone’s ordered for dinner and planning out how to make everything.

Start the Week with a Meet

This is vital especially at the start of the week. Monday mornings can be quite hectic, but we make sure to get updates on our current projects, tally upcoming projects, potential roadblocks for either ones (like city traffic in the Los Angeles or San Fernando Valley area, or external vendor issues) and the materials and resources we’ll need to get things done. It’s like a check list, which is why in the above picture, Chris is on his laptop while everyone else has a notepad out.

End of the week meetings are also really helpful since they can decrease the work and stress load on Mondays. If you put it off until next week, you’ll just make Monday even more frantic!

Face to Face

These meetings may not seem like a big deal, especially in this age of Skype, stay at home employees and working remotely. But there’s still no replacement for working together face-to-face, exchanging ideas and communicating on both verbal and non-verbal levels. There’s a different kind of connection involved, because some things are lost in translation when conversing online or even through phone. Even the simple handshake is important and meaningful, adding to the workplace experience shared by employer and employees.

This is also why we like to see our customers in person to discuss their signage needs and the services best suited to their situation. Something as important as a business sign can’t just be handled through a purely online transaction; ┬áit’s not like shopping on eBay. It’s always better if the clients themselves convey what they want, so we can hear them out, pitch ideas to them and listen to their responses as well as see their reactions.

While we’re at it, we can even go on-site and eyeball the location where the sign will be installed – this is a must for projects involving outdoor signs and has the added benefit of giving us an onlooker or customer’s perspective of the area (though, no, we won’t include random passersby in our meeting!).

All in all, quality signs come from quality work. Team and client meetings help us do our job well as sign-makers!