Printing Parking Lot Signage for DC Collective in Canoga Park

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Coming hot off the presses! We’re in the process of printing some new parking lot signage for DC Collective in Canoga Park. This one reminds people to avoid littering and smoking – tobacco or otherwise – on the premises. Our Tarzana-based sign company will make sure your signage is up to code and thoroughly QA-ed. Moreover, our quality printers will ensure quality signageContinue reading “Printing Parking Lot Signage for DC Collective in Canoga Park”

Front Door Graphic for Gentera in Canoga Park

Here’s the latest installment of our sign package for Gentera, this slick-looking front door graphic. You know the saying, put your best foot forward? For establishments, you can say they have to put their best sign forward. The Canoga Park clinic’s business sign is made of full color contour cut window vinyl and lettering. Gentera’s futuristic logo makes up the sign’s centerpiece. It’s a G with the DNA-helix emerging from its curvature. Pretty cool, huh? Continue reading “Front Door Graphic for Gentera in Canoga Park”

Lobby Sign for Gentera in Canoga Park

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Our custom lobby sign for Gentera in Canoga Park is an absolute beauty. It’s composed of brushed metal and acrylic dimensional lettering in a futuristic font. Naturally, the establishment’s branding is the centerpiece and it’s very shiny. The company’s logo is simply elegant, a single letter G with a DNA-helix emerging from its curvature. All in all, it looks like something straight out of a science fiction movie, like Blade Runner. The future is now! Continue reading “Lobby Sign for Gentera in Canoga Park”

Storefront Sign for Aerial Method in Canoga Park

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A storefront sign with both visibility and durability, that’s what we provided Aerial Method in Canoga Park! The outdoor sign we fabricated and installed is made out of Max Metal, which will definitely stand the test of time. The full color digital print also makes the company’s branding stand out from the rest.

This metal sign replaces the custom banner we provided as a placeholder as part of our sign package. That’s what we call the complete package!

Continue reading “Storefront Sign for Aerial Method in Canoga Park”

Repair and Refacing of Athletic Society Signage in Canoga Park

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Life ain’t easy for an outdoor sign, being exposed to the elements and all sorts of accidents just waiting to happen. So even the sturdiest sign will need maintenance and, eventually, repairs – and Premium Sign Solutions provides just that! For Athletic Society in Canoga Park, we repaired and refaced their illuminated building and pylon signs, using high quality sign face material so their lightbox pylon sign will continue to stand tall and look great! ​We also added all new LEDs and transformers so that the signs shine brightly.​ Continue reading “Repair and Refacing of Athletic Society Signage in Canoga Park”

Banner and Window Graphic for Aerial Method, Canoga Park

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Premium Sign Solutions fabricated and installed a custom banner and window graphic for Aerial Method in Winnetka. The outdoor signs are elegantly simple and their colors match well with their brick and mortar surroundings.

Aerial Method is a studio for aerialists,  offering classes in aerial silks, lyra, sling, rope, dance trapeze, aerial choreography, aerial fitness, and flexibility. Students receive individualized and hands on training in a friendly environment that lets them develop at their own pace and have fun while they’re at it.