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Lobby Sign for Gentera in Canoga Park

Our custom lobby sign for Gentera in Canoga Park is an absolute beauty. It’s composed of brushed metal and acrylic dimensional lettering in a futuristic font. Naturally, the establishment’s branding is the centerpiece and it’s very shiny. The company’s logo is simply elegant, a single letter G with a DNA-helix emerging from its curvature. All in all, it looks like something straight out of a science fiction movie, like Blade Runner. The future is now!

Eye-Catching and Memorable

Signage, be they indoor lobby signs or outdoor banners, should be memorable as they project a company’s brand identity. They’re the company’s face, after all. So that’s why high quality signage is a must, and only a great sign company can offer that. Then there’s the quality of the design itself, and that’s where skilled sign-makers come in.

So if you want that incredible sign, then look no further! Contact us and we can get to work, discussing your signage needs and the premium sign solution that’ll best serve you!

About the client

Gentera Center for Regenerative Medicine cares for clients with an experienced staff of accredited doctors. With this team of dedicated experts, they provide personalized and regenerative medicine. Their multi-pronged therapeutic approach is customized for each patient to bring about positive lifestyle changes and make them feel like their best possible selves.