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Printing Parking Lot Signage for DC Collective in Canoga Park

Coming hot off the presses! We’re in the process of printing some new parking lot signage for DC Collective in Canoga Park. This one reminds people to avoid littering and smoking – tobacco or otherwise – on the premises. Our Tarzana-based sign company will make sure your signage is up to code and thoroughly QA-ed. Moreover, our quality printers will ensure quality signage

Friendly Reminders on Parking Lot Signage

Show people the designated parking spaces for those with special needs. Remind people to clean up after themselves and avoid making messes. Inform them that they can smoke cigarettes or cannabis somewhere else.

Got other public announcements? Advertisements? Visible and durable outdoor signs in parking lots are the way to go. Banners are quick to print and easy to install. More permanent signage will withstand the elements better. If you place them high enough and they can even provide much-needed shade.

So optimize your parking areas with strategically positioned signage. Inquire now!

About the Client

DC Collective is all about cultivating trusting relationships and cultivating quality cannabis at a fair price. In other words, they’re your friendly neighborhood marijuana providers for both medical and recreational needs.