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Front Door Graphic for Gentera in Canoga Park

Here’s the latest installment of our sign package for Gentera, this slick-looking front door graphic. You know the saying, put your best foot forward? For establishments, you can say they have to put their best sign forward. The Canoga Park clinic’s business sign is made of full color contour cut window vinyl and lettering. Gentera’s futuristic logo makes up the sign’s centerpiece. It’s a G with the DNA-helix emerging from its curvature. Pretty cool, huh?

Impress with an Excellent Front Door Graphic

Show customers just who you are by projecting your branding. An excellent front door graphic does just that, building expectations that you’ll meet with your interior signage. Outdoor signs and indoor signs have to work hand in hand. Follow up that front door graphic with an equally great lobby sign and you’ll knock it out of the park!

This is where sign-makers come in. While a sign company makes high quality signs, sign-makers go beyond that. The art of sign making involves not just individual signs but how they mesh with each other and with the aesthetics of the entire establishment. Plus the identity a business wants to project with its branding. All these together create the sign experience… the sign solution, if you will.

Want to harness the full effect of quality signage? You already know who to contact. We’ll make you signs, and sign packages, that’ll suit your business and be really memorable.

About the client

Gentera Center for Regenerative Medicine cares for clients with an experienced staff of accredited doctors. With this team of dedicated experts, they provide personalized and regenerative medicine. Their multi-pronged therapeutic approach is customized for each patient to bring about positive lifestyle changes and make them feel like their best possible selves.