Using Cutouts Creatively For Restaurants and Stores

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Establishments are reopening though social distancing and capacity limits still apply. For example, restaurants are still going with outdoor dining. So establishments might have a bit of unused space, unfilled tables and the like, which can make their businesses look sparse. Thankfully, there’s a way to avoid looking empty: by using cardboard cutouts creatively! Continue reading “Using Cutouts Creatively For Restaurants and Stores”

Safety Signs for the New Normal

This is the custom brushed metal COVID handwashing instruction sign for Ethan Christopher.

“Wash hands regularly,” “maintain social distancing,” “please wear masks” and the like are poised to be part of the safety signage lexicon like those “watch your step” and “emergency exits this way” signs. Want to maximize safety for employees and customers in your establishment as we enter the New Normal? Consider adding a variety of safety signs, perhaps as part of a larger comprehensive sign package.

Continue reading “Safety Signs for the New Normal”

Store Sign for Blue Bottle Coffee in the Arts District

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A good store sign promotes an establishment’s branding AND clearly communicates information. This one we made for Blue Bottle Coffee in the Arts District does just that. It displays store hours without taking attention away from the vinyl window sign we also made for them. It’s not a big store sign, but it’s really visible since it’s on the entrance door window. Continue reading “Store Sign for Blue Bottle Coffee in the Arts District”

Wall Graphics for Comoncy in Los Angeles

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Premium Sign Solutions fabricated and installed wall graphics for Comoncy in Los Angeles. It is composed of premium exterior-grade cut vinyl graphics in white applied to Comoncy’s bright orange wall. The contrast of colors helps make the graphics stand out and catch the attention of potential customers. One of the graphics has the words “All you need is love & high speed internet” and we couldn’t agree more!

Comoncy is a fresh face in the coffee and food scene and emphasizes both sustainability and quality in its products and services. It supplies one of the first third-wave coffee shops in the area and makes use of state-of-the-art brewing equipment and single-origin offerings from select local rosters. For espressos, pastries, salads and sandwiches, choose Comoncy!