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Safety Signs for the New Normal

“Wash hands regularly,” “maintain social distancing,” “please wear masks” and the like are poised to be part of the safety signage lexicon like those “watch your step” and “emergency exits this way” signs. Want to maximize safety for employees and customers in your establishment as we enter the New Normal? Consider adding a variety of safety signs, perhaps as part of a larger comprehensive sign package.

Be Prepared with Safety Signs

This week we'll discuss the ways signs for COVID can help you re-open your business more safely while welcoming customers and employees back.Reopening businesses, whether they are offices, restaurants or other types of establishments, need to do their due diligence to enhance the safety and security of their customers, their workforce and the greater community. Even before the New Normal, safety signage were still necessary. These warned people to watch their step in certain spots with fall risks or slippery surfaces, designated emergency exits, or even warned about the dangers of hot drinks or other liquids. Now, it is still similar, albeit signs have to display more protocols.

    • Banners are perfect for these purposes, Custom banners and pop-up banners can be placed in strategic locations to remind people to wash their hands, socially distance, wear their masks and so on.
    • Floor decals can also indicate how far people should space themselves out.
    • Directional signs or wayfinding signs can indicate dedicated entrances and exits or show the way to temperature kiosks.
    • These signs can also announce changes in operations, like the do’s and don’ts of patio dining, pickup and delivery options, and more.
    •  ADA-compliant signage will ensure that these will be of equal utility to all customers and employees, enhancing the accessibility of the area.

COVID signs can show the rules for the check in process, including taking temperatures. With these businesses can maintain customer and staff safety.Want to cover all your bases when it comes to COVID-19 signs or safety displays in general? A sign package will ensure that your establishment will have a complete set of indoor and outdoor signs just for this purpose. Contact Premium Sign Solutions. Southern California Sign Company based in Tarzana