You are currently viewing Storefront Lightbox Insert for Fiesta Taco Grill in Newhall

Storefront Lightbox Insert for Fiesta Taco Grill in Newhall

You know opening day is approaching when the storefront signage goes up. Hence this eye-catching storefront lightbox insert for our friends at Fiesta Taco Grill in Newhall. It’s almost time, so better start hyping up the customers! And this acrylic sign helps them do just that.

Stand Out and Customize with Storefront Lightbox Insert Signs

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These custom lexan inserts will help keep your storefront looking fresh long after opening day.

Announcing a sale or special promo?

Showing the menu of the day?

Got a message for your prized customers?

Lightbox signs give you visibility and allow you to tailor the details as you see fit. You can customize your message to match your advertisement and marketing strategies. They can also reinforce the banner signs or posters you’ve deployed for the season.

Need a restaurant sign? Looking for signage for your business or storefront? Contact us for a consultation!

About the Client

Fiesta Taco Grill is THE place for Taco Tuesdays. And Taco Mondays to Sundays. Tacos, all week! They’re a catering service specializing in parties, events, birthdays and more. They offer a variety of meals including delicious taco packages to healthy salad bowls.