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Using Cutouts Creatively For Restaurants and Stores

Establishments are reopening though social distancing and capacity limits still apply. For example, restaurants are still going with outdoor dining. So establishments might have a bit of unused space, unfilled tables and the like, which can make their businesses look sparse. Thankfully, there’s a way to avoid looking empty: by using cardboard cutouts creatively!

Avoid Looking Empty with Cardboard Cutouts

Sounds crazy, doesn’t it? But some businesses, restaurants in particular, have been doing this. There’s a restaurant in Sydney and the Washington Post even vouches for it as a creative way to enforce social distancing. After all, how can people exceed capacity if those spare seats are already occupied… by cardboard people! The sheer novelty in itself might be enough to attract visitors and customers. Why not have some fun with it, like mounting cardboard likenesses of famous figures? At least those whose images won’t get you in legal trouble. Many will appreciate this cleverness and it might even warrant a selfie or two.

Aside from this, reopening establishments that are still reinforcing social distancing can make use of other signage to bolster their business. Need custom banners fast, to announce reopening, promos or specials? We can whip out those fast banners in no time. Likewise, we also have acrylic table stands and acrylic shields that can provide barriers to help reduce transmission.

For signage to enhance your business as it reopens, feel free to reach out to us. Contact Premium Sign Solutions. Southern California Sign Company based in Tarzana.