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Custom Restaurant Sign for The Oaks at Lakeside in Encino

This is our custom restaurant sign for Ventura Bouevard. It shows the new branding of this beautiful Encino restaurant. The Oaks at Lakeside: A DLS Events Venue.

Classy Custom Restaurant Signs to Complete the Dining Experience

Restaurants must have the right kind of ambiance to compliment the cuisine being served. This is done by setting up the right kind of background to put their customers in the mood for the fine dining they provide. The surroundings must match the type of delicacies being offered. An old school BBQ establishment can go with wooden interiors and neon signs, for example. A café can be more modern or rustic.

Signs can help facilitate this process. Large centerpieces can display the brand logo. Smaller ones can compliment the effect. Other displays can show the menu. The whole package must compliment the aesthetic of the place. Moreover, this process does not just start within the establishment itself. Hence, outdoor signs convey the brand, and thus the cuisine, building up the anticipation even before customers have entered.

Brands can also rejuvenate themselves with fresh signage. The Oaks at Lakeside’s new sign is part of their rebranding, which will definitely generate a lot of buzz and draw more customers.

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About the Client

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