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Welcome Back Signs to Attract Customers in the New Normal

Everyone is understandably sick and tired of being cooped up. We just want to go back to normal and go out to shop and dine. At the same time there are also very real concerns about the risk of exposure, and we have to do all our part to slow the spread. So businesses can use welcome back signs and banners to greet customers while also highlighting safety measures in place. Because this is the new normal and we have to get used to it for each others’ sake, ensuring that we minimize the risk posed to the community.

Welcome Back Signs… With Due Diligence

With proper precautions, communities can have a sensible and safe middle ground between a complete quarantine and a spring break disease transmission bonanza. They can reopen but nonetheless enact logical measures to minimize risks. So that their staff and their customers will stay as safe as possible.

Signs that welcome customers back can be encouraging in both ways. They can show people that some hint of normalcy has returned. While at the same time reassure them that precautions are in place. So signs can advertise take out and delivery options.

Likewise, outdoor patio dining can reduce risk so they can also be advertised and emphasized. NPR cites Harvard Medical School Abraar Karan who says that: “outdoors is definitely less risky.” Moreover, he explains that: “When you’re outside, the risk of contracting the virus is lower. That’s because coronavirus droplets disperse more quickly into the air. A bonus is that there may be more space between tables than in a small indoor setting.”

And these signs welcoming back customers can also advertise features like hand sanitizer dispensers, temperature check booths and so on.

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For further information, the California Department of Public Health has the latest COVID-19 facts.