Cosmo Lofts Building Mural in Hollywood

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Cosmo Lofts just got an impressive new building mural for Pacific Reach Properties in Hollywood. It’s a large one, 10 feet tall and 18 feet in length. Hand painted too, because handmade is still best made. So it’s big and bold, guaranteed to be seen from quite a distance. That’s the point of a building mural, after all. At the same time, like a good outdoor sign it doesn’t clash with the building’s look. Continue reading “Cosmo Lofts Building Mural in Hollywood”

Event Banner for the Encino Chamber of Commerce

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An event banner should convey the message memorably! That’s crucial for a successful event, like congratulating the Teacher of the Year! So our full color banner for the Encino Chamber of Commerce was bold and eye-catching, printed on heavy duty material with grommets for mounting. After all, it’s the first thing anyone will see from afar. So it should be big and bright as well as easy to install and tough! Continue reading “Event Banner for the Encino Chamber of Commerce”

Dune Buggy Picture on Acrylic Panel for a Birthday Gift

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We do birthday gifts too, like this dune buggy picture on an acrylic panel! It’s not one of our usual sign packages, more like one of those signs we create for clients’ private projects. Still, we treated it like any other project, giving it our tender, loving care. It’s quite similar to the office decor that we do, and the signage we make to decorate showrooms and lobbies. So we touched up a dune buggy photograph and printed it to a second surface, mounted on an acrylic panel. It comes with standoffs so it can be fixed on a wall, like the centerpiece it is. We did our very best to make this the best birthday gift ever.  Continue reading “Dune Buggy Picture on Acrylic Panel for a Birthday Gift”

Custom Painted Sign for Private Project

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A custom painted sign isn’t just for businesses. It can be for private projects as well, throughout the San Fernando Valley and Los Angeles area. After all, what do you do when you need an antique sign for a project but can’t find the real thing? You look for a premium sign solution, that’s what. The combined brain power of our design and production team are here to help! So, we took our best stab at recreating a vintage Foster and Kleiser sign for a walk-in customer. That’s how dedicated we are to meeting client demands! Continue reading “Custom Painted Sign for Private Project”

Yanni or Laurel? We weigh in on the Internet Debate of the Year… Maybe the Week.

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Laurel or Yanni… Yanni or Laurel? Tis one of the most pressing questions facing us all in these times. It’s being pondered everywhere: the Twitterverse, in Jimmy Kimmel‘s studio, laboratories full of sound scientists, coffee shops full of philosophers ruminating on perception and reality. Same goes for Premium Sign Solutions! We’re on it too! Trust us, we’ll get to the bottom of this, one way or another.

Continue reading “Yanni or Laurel? We weigh in on the Internet Debate of the Year… Maybe the Week.”

An Inside Look Into the Permit Process

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Sign-making isn’t just about fabrication and installment, it also involves paperwork like the permit process! One vital step in the process of making any new exterior signage is pulling permits. We make sure to provide detailed renderings of our projects to your local city or town with our permit services. Once we get approval, everything else moves like clockwork. Continue reading “An Inside Look Into the Permit Process”