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Lightbox Insert for Study Page in Tarzana

A custom-designed lightbox insert should be visible day and night and tailored to an audience. Like our storefront sign for Study Page in Tarzana. Made of full color digitally printed vinyl on lexan, it catches the eye and complements the window signs detailing the establishment’s services.

Matching Signages

It’s crucial that these signs’ design and colors match to project a cohesive brand identity. So a business sign’s visibility won’t show off garish incompatible colors and have the opposite effect of proper signage! The importance of color for business signs cannot be understated. Otherwise, a lightbox insert will become a really eye-catching eye-sore day in and day out! After all, humans are highly visual creatures, and as the saying goes: first impressions last.

Need signage with the right look that goes well with everything else in the establishment? Want that combination of look, visibility and durability? Then go ahead and contact us – we’re a sign company with The Right Stuff!

About the client

Study Page teaches students without making them dependent on a tutor. Tutors can be a crutch, and Study Page avoids that by letting students learn how to learn. They don’t just study lessons, they also come to understand the process of comprehension and studying. This gives them the power to chart their own path, growing and developing in a more complete way!