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Car Wrap for USA Express in Woodland Hills

A car wrap counts as a sign too. One that can be seen by pedestrians and motorists as your sweet ride cruises down the highway. Smart businesses make good use of car wraps, like USA Express. We fabricated and installed a car wrap for one of their vehicles. It looks slick.

Want a sign that moves? Get a car wrap!

What’s a great location for a sign? On a car that’s cruising across the Los Angeles, San Fernando Valley and Tarzana areas, in plain sight of countless people. If you don’t have enough space in your establishment for a huge outdoor sign, then consider getting a vehicle wrap. That’s one way to give your brand a boost in visibility. High quality car wrap can project your business in a way that’s really different from any other sign. And if you’ve already got the whole business sign package, then consider adding a vehicle wrap to your formidable signage arsenal!

Now if you’ve got a fleet of trucks or vehicles… your car wrap signage game is going to be unstoppable!

Contact us and we can start working on turning your service vehicle into a business sign with wheels!

About the Client

USA Express Legal & Investigative Services provides a full range of legal and investigative support and services. It has assisted top lawyers in California, and handles matters ranging from insurance fraud investigations, corporate theft to workplace industry. Taking pride in assisting citizens, USA Express also provides assistance in matters ranging from finding missing loved ones to serving legal documents to improperly behaving landlords.