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Handmade is Still Best Made in San Fernando Valley

You know those address letters you see on large buildings? Some of those are handmade! In this age of automated, instantly-made everything, there are still some things that are carefully and meticulously made by hand, with attention to detail and priority on quality instead of mass-production. Storefront signs, company logos in lobbies, even those illuminated pylon signs high up on posts, they’re still made by hand in the U S of A. 

Some, like those of us in Premium Sign Solutions in San Fernando Valley, still practice that “lost art” of sign making. We have real craftsmen with us who put the time and effort into what they make. In the above image, our production manager Marco is hard at work preparing dimensional letters. He has twenty years of experience that he puts to use whenever he deliberately makes a sign, keen eyes with an impeccable attention to detail and steady hands akin to a sushi chef’s. Whether it’s hand-carved wooden signs or dimensional letters that have to be shaped with tools, Marco and other pros like him do their best and put a bit of themselves in their creations.

That’s what you call dedication, and it shows! Whether it’s an outdoor sign meant to attract passersby, or an indoor lobby sign with your company logo impressing customers and employees, there is no replacement for handmade quality in terms of look, durability and longevity. Your sign sends a message, so accept no substitute!

Got any signs you want made with quality? You know who to call 😉