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Cosmo Lofts Building Mural in Hollywood

Cosmo Lofts just got an impressive new building mural for Pacific Reach Properties in Hollywood. It’s a large one, 10 feet tall and 18 feet in length. Hand painted too, because handmade is still best made. So it’s big and bold, guaranteed to be seen from quite a distance. That’s the point of a building mural, after all. At the same time, like a good outdoor sign it doesn’t clash with the building’s look.

Great Signage and Real Estate Go Hand in Hand

Great signage isn’t just a matter of appearances, its a matter of identity. A company’s branding has to be visible, but it also has to present the company’s identity impressively. Doubly so when it’s an outdoor sign for real estate businesse. Companies must put their best foot forward to potential customers. The signage must also complement the property, adding to its value and marketability. This is where the sign maker’s art crosses over with the sign company’s services, where design becomes crucial in meeting corporate objectives.

Need great signage to add to your real estate? Contact us and let’s determine which business sign package best suits your needs?

About the Client

Cosmo Lofts offers amazing apartments with roof access that have 360 degree views of the Hollywood area, including the Hollywood sign! These lofts are certainly scenic, as the picturesque backdrops of La-La Land make tenants feel like being in an actual movie!

Pacific Reach Properties is a distinct real estate company that handles commercial, multi-family and hotel properties.