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Acrylic Door Sign for Trusaic Los Angeles

Creating a Lasting Impression: Acrylic Door Signage for TruSaic by Premium Sign Solutions


As a recruitment agency, are you struggling to get your brand known and noticed in a competitive industry? 


Key Takeaway Points 

  • An acrylic door sign increases brand awareness and leaves a lasting impression on customers and visitors.
  • Ensure custom signage matches your brand story with Premium Sign Solutions.
  • Acrylic door signs offer durability, versatility, and a professional aesthetic for business and commercial use
  • Indoor signage plays a vital role in wayfinding, messaging, and brand identity reinforcement.
  • Contact Premium Sign Solutions to increase your brand awareness in a visually effective and professional way.


In this blog post, we introduce our partnership with TruSaic, a company committed to creating a better working world through pay equity, diversity, inclusion, and employee well-being. Learn how we crafted acrylic door hangers that fit the TruSaic brand story and helped them stand out in the competitive Los Angeles hiring environment.


Custom door sign with branding
Custom door sign with branding


Collaboration and Brand Story

Premium Sign Solutions partnered with TruSaic, a company focused on fostering a more inclusive workforce and ensuring employee well-being. Working closely, we interpreted TruSaic’s brand story and values ​​and aligned them with their identity. Our collaboration demonstrates the importance of creating better workplaces while improving corporate profitability. TruSaic’s mission to achieve equal pay, promote diversity, and provide access to affordable healthcare inspired us to create a signage solution that truly reflected its purpose. This collaboration allowed us to create a visually appealing and meaningful acrylic door sign that reinforces TruSaic’s brand identity and communicates its values ​​to visitors.


Acrylic Door Sign Design and Details

For TruSaic’s acrylic door sign, we meticulously crafted a visually striking design that captured their brand essence. The sign boasted a size of 8.1 inches high by 48 inches wide, commanding attention and leaving a lasting impression. To emphasize their brand name, we used ¼ inch thick flat cut acrylic painted yellow for “TRU” and ¼ inch thick flat cut acrylic with brushed metal laminated faces for “SAIC.” With an 8.1-inch letter height, the sign exuded professionalism and sophistication, perfectly aligning with TruSaic’s identity.


Acrylic door sign with painted yellow and brushed metal
Acrylic door sign with painted yellow and brushed metal


Benefits of Acrylic Door Signage

Acrylic door signs offer many benefits for businesses that need effective interior entrance signage. As an acrylic sign, it combines durability with a sleek, professional look, making it ideal for custom door signs and business signage. The versatility of acrylic allows for a wide range of design options, ensuring your signage matches your brand’s aesthetic. It will withstand indoor ware and tare and maintain its visual appeal over time. An acrylic door sign enhances branding by providing visitors with an elegant and memorable first impression. Whether it’s an entrance, an office, or a meeting room , acrylic door signs can enhance your company’s professional image and strengthen your brand recognition.


Door Sign Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the difference between business signage, commercial signage, interior signage, and building signs?

Commercial signage is generally understood as a sign designed to promote and identify a particular business or company. Commercial signage includes signs used in commercial environments such as retail stores, restaurants, and offices. Indoor signage refers to signs placed inside a building to provide direction, information, or branding. Building signs are usually large signs attached to the exterior of buildings for identification and advertising purposes.


Are acrylic door signs suitable for door-mounted signage?

Yes, acrylic door signs are a great option for door signs. They are lightweight, durable, and stand up to regular use. The versatility of acrylic allows it to be customized to your branding and design needs, making it an ideal material for door signs.


How can interior signage benefit my business?

Interior signage plays a crucial role in creating a cohesive and professional environment. It helps with wayfinding, provides information, and reinforces your brand identity. Well-designed interior signage enhances the customer experience, improves navigation within your premises, and promotes your business’s image and services.


Can Premium Sign Solutions assist with the design, fabrication, and installation of building signs?

Absolutely! Premium Sign Solutions offers end-to-end services, including signage design, fabrication, and installation. We can collaborate with you to create eye-catching and durable building signs that align with your branding and meet your specific requirements.


Final Thoughts on a Door Sign 

Enhance your brand awareness and make a lasting impression with Premium Sign Solutions’ expertise in signage materials, branding, marketing, and entry signage. Our work with TruSaic demonstrates the power of acrylic door signs to increase brand awareness. Don’t miss an opportunity to inspire your clients and visitors. Contact us today to discuss your signage needs, and we will help you develop a visually stunning and professionally designed signage solution that will set you apart from the competition.


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